Service technician uses the repV app

Quicker service processing with the new functions of the repV App

With the mobile repV Service Reports Pro App, the technical field service can enter order data on-site at the customer. The update to the latest version not only improves the performance of the app, but also contains several new functions that help service providers to process service orders even more efficiently.

Faster recording of device data with QR Codes

Previously, on arrival at the device to be repaired, the customer and location had to be entered into the app by the technician manually, but now a QR code can be attached to the device. These are generated and printed out once centrally by the office staff and can be attached to the device by the field staff on their next visit. When the service technician is on site again, he simply scans the QR code and the repV Service App retrieves the most important device data online and adds them directly to the service order. This works for both newly created and existing service orders and ensures that the technician can start repairing sooner.

Multiple report templates can save time

The repV field service app now also supports the use of different templates for service reports, which can differ depending on the customer in the listing of all data entered in the report. The appropriate template can be selected individually for each job by the field service technician. Once the repair is completed, the report no longer needs to be customized. Instead, a report tailored to the customer is automatically created with the data which is relevant for the customer.

PDF checklists provide an overview of the order status

Also new are the editable PDFs in checklist format, which can be automatically filled with data from the service order. For this purpose, the PDF scheme must be created by us in advance and configured for your company. The checklists enable device-specific work steps, which up to now have only been represented by the app in freely configurable user fields, to be recorded in a separate document and stored in the service order independently of the service report. This makes internal coordination with other technicians or office staff easier, as it provides a quick overview of the work steps already performed and those still need to be done.

Automatic distribution to the field service

Using the Microsoft Azure Cloud managed by us, report templates or checklists can be automatically distributed to the tablets of service technicians. This saves the office staff the time-consuming manual storage on all devices, for example, when a report template is created for a new customer. Of course, the different report and checklist templates can also be distributed according to certain parameters only to individual selected technicians or groups of technicians.

Rapid search for the right device

The device search has now been designed more simply and clearly. With the full text search, all devices that are at the current order location are displayed first. A visual distinction has also been added so that all devices that are not at the current location are greyed out. Some fields that are hidden as standard can now be shown on the service order if desired, e.g. the extended device information, the EON creator or coordinator. This gives your service technician the possibility to call up important background data on the road if he needs it.

The new version of the app is now available in the Windows Store. For planning and implementing one of the new features for the service processes in your company, our team is looking forward to being contacted by you.