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How to make repair management and returns more efficient

When machines break down, service companies usually send a service technician to the customer's site to repair the damage and do maintenance work. However, for location-independent devices, it is easier and more cost-effective for service companies to ask the customer to return the device for repair. Technicians save travel time and have more time to do the actual repairs in the workshop.

Bad management of returns lowers customer satisfaction

The handling of returns, however, can be a major internal logistical burden for companies. For example, if returns are incorrectly assigned, the repair and return of the devices can be delayed. Especially if customers are not informed about the current status of the repair, they usually wait impatiently for their repaired device and are dissatisfied by the service. Thereby, customer satisfaction contributes to the success of a company. The repV Online Service Center solution with "Return Material Authorization" function can improve such processes. It facilitates the structured return of damaged or defective goods and their repairs.

How the repair management work with the repV Online Service Center works:

The complete

With the repair management software repV, repair and maintenance orders can be better coordinated, and service processes can be handled more easily. Users can provide their customers with access to the system via the Online Service Center. They can then submit return requests online by themselves, without having to consult a service employee. Automatically generated e-mails with the return number confirm the request to the customer. Once the order has been assigned internally to a responsible technician, customers receive all the information online about the expected turnaround time and the status of the repair order. It is also possible to process the orders online at any time. This not only works for devices already stored in the software. Customers also have the option to create and manage new devices and their belonging parts that have not yet been registered and placing their repair orders online - without the need for a service technician to visit them.

A relief not only for service technicians

The Online Service Center provides more transparency and a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction, while also saving time of service providers. The simple and intuitive handling of the Online Service Center results in fewer queries from customers, meaning more time can be spent on the actual repairs instead of logistical coordination. Since the Online Service Center is directly linked to the repair management software repV, all changes are mapped directly. The link to the company's ERP system, for example Sage 100, ensures consistent data management and prevents incorrect allocations and chaos in the repair orders. Thus, the complete "Return Material Authorization" process can be mapped in the repV service software.

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