Agreta AG automates its maintenance planning with repV

Agreta AG automates its maintenance planning with repV

The Swiss company Agreta AG is specialized in the engineering, installation, maintenance and servicing of pressure vessels and liquid gas tanks as well as piping systems of various materials. These must be regularly inspected and tested in accordance with the applicable regulations. Agreta has been planning and managing the regular maintenance and repair orders for companies and private households with the repV service management software since 2020.

From self-built solution to professional maintenance software

For many years, maintenance planning at the Swiss company was handled by a self-built software solution. However, this solution was slowly reaching its limits. In addition, the know-how of the self-programmed solution rested with a single employee. Therefore, the company decided to switch to a professional software solution in order to be able to fall back on a secure IT solution for the deployment planning and scheduling of inspection and maintenance appointments in the long term. An internet search brought repV to the shortlist.

Extensive customization crucial for selection for repV

Particularly relevant for the Agreta team when selecting the software was that it should reliably remind them of maintenance dates. Depending on the system or pressure vessel, the mandatory maintenance cycles differ. A maintenance order should appear in the system early so that the order can be assigned to a technician. At the beginning of each year, Agreta also schedules regular maintenance appointments in advance so that technicians can see which appointments are due each month. In addition to technician scheduling and appointment control, the company also uses route planning with repV. The field technicians are equipped with the repV Service Reports Pro app to keep track of all appointments and to record order data offline at the customer's site.

"We are very satisfied with repV, because the program was adapted precisely to our needs. PEAK supported us intensively and implemented the processes and change requests quickly."

Agreta's managing director M. Felber

Automatisms programmed into Sage's Aufgaben-Center

The company uses the Sage 100 Aufgaben-Center. With repV for Sage 100, Agreta receives a professional service management software and certified partner solution that could be fully integrated into the existing system and handles maintenance control. Due to extensive adaptations by PEAK, all processes can be mapped cleanly and some automatisms can be set up. In the process, information of a device is combined with the last operations in order to determine the next maintenance date. Agreta's office staff has been working very intensively with the program ever since.

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