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Pipetto Kalibriersoftware für Dosiersysteme

Pipetto calibration software

Pipettes and dosing systems should be calibrated on a regular basis in order to eliminate the risk of inaccurate measurement results. Pipetto is a software solution that helps you to identify such inaccuracies as well as to check and record the correct adjustment and precision of your dosing tools.

Pipetto ensures the easy, quick, and precise calibration of your pipettes, dispensers, and burettes.

Calibration in a few simple steps

Pipetto offers menu-guided calibration in only a few easy steps. The multi-level security concept eliminates practically any calibration error.

Messverfahren für Dosiersysteme Pipetto


Pros to be considered

  • Used by DAkkS-accredited laboratories
  • Supports procedures in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 & ISO 17025, including measurement uncertainty budget
  • Calibration software for pipettes, dispensers and burettes, aimed at industrial and scientific laboratories
  • All measurement data and information is saved to a database
  • Simple, quick and intuitive handling and measuring
  • Comprehensive support via online help, calibration assistant and manual
  • Measurements in accordance with common standards (DIN, ISO, etc.)
  • Automated climate control via PCom climate box
  • Definition of customised test instructions
  • Network compatible
  • Compatible with different scales, free definition of scale interface
  • In German and English
  • Certified by Microsoft
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